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Liquor Store #30003 SOLD
February 11, 2013 better

Liquor Store #30003 SOLD

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Liquor, Beer, and Wine Store                    $350,000        SOLD                      #30003

Two and 1/2 year old store is north of the Ft. Worth area in a great location. It is located in a new, easy access strip center and is squeeky clean inside and out. Almost a rural setting but very hi-income neighbors. 1500 square feet and no more than 2 people required to run the store.  Hours are 10am – 9pm Monday thru Sat. Almost no competition in the area. Price includes $150,000 in inventory, computerized retail and inventory system, and security system with 9 or 10 cameras. $80,000 – 100,000 cash flow on $763,000 in sales for 2012. It is definitely located in a growth area……..