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Boarding Kennel – dogs, cats, rabbits, other small animals
July 7, 2012 better

Boarding Kennel – dogs, cats, rabbits, other small animals

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Boarding Kennel / Pet Resort        $1,200,000     Sold

This is truly a paradise for pets with an owner Italian Tuscan home on 7.5 acres to match. This is located out in the country just north of McKinney. The customers don’t seem to mind the short drive in the country to place their pets in an outstanding facility. Care for small animals, cats, small dogs, and large dogs. Facility includes a room for a contract groomer that comes by when needed. Large dog rooms include in-door space with access to outdoor pens  (doggie door), then a concrete courtyard with several swimming pools, and then access to the larger pasture play areas. There are 30 kennels with plenty of room to add another 24. They are booked 100% for the week of July 4th, and most of the summer. The website, referrals, and repeat customers are the largest source of revenue. Business started in 1999 and the home was built in 2001. You must buy this while the interest rates are so low on the real estate