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Alternative Education Consultants #30009
March 31, 2010 better

Alternative Education Consultants #30009

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Education Consultants          $225,000

Alternative Education Consultants for those parents whose children ages 14 – 17 are needing the most appropriate private therapeutic or boarding school to match their emotional or behavioral problems. The consultants offer services, such a psychological and educational testing, that assists the families in finding the most appropriate school. An ideal candidate to own this business might be an educator, therapist, or counselor. A benefit for the owner is the travel that is involved to visit and inspect the schools that can be both a rewarding vacation and documented business trip. The trips are paid by the schools. Referrals from therapists, school counselors, hospitals, teachers, and previous clients provide the majority of clients. Expansion of the business could be accomplished by adding a website with search engine optimization and expanding services into the surrounding cities such as Tyler, Wichita Falls, Abilene, etc.

Business was started in 1980 and is located in Dallas. Currently is a home based business with access to hourly conference rooms throughout the city. Ideal for a single person or a couple.